About us

We are AGORA.
Beauty gets REAL.

Think you’ve found the perfect red lipstick? Or finally cracked your skincare routine? No need to shout it from the rooftops, we’ve got you! On the AGORA beauty app, you can create videos about any makeup, skincare and wellness product for everyone else to enjoy. You’ve heard it before: sharing is caring! All videos are shoppable making it easy for you to share, discover, and shop all in one place. And did we mention, we reward you with coins so you can treat yourself to FREE beauty products dropped daily?


In a world of Instagram and sponsored content, the need for transparency and honesty has never been greater.

We founded AGORA to provide a break from the cycle of perfection created by social media and to give you a safe space to have real conversations about beauty.


Be Real.
Be Respectful.
Be Curious.