Content guidelines

At AGORA, we want you to feel empowered and safe to express your views on any product. With that in mind, we ask that you follow our very simple guidelines for great content. Any uploads that do not meet these guidelines will be taken down. Let’s create content that showcases your knowledge, your creativity and your kindness so everyone can benefit from being on AGORA!

  1. Show us the product! Explain why you love it and apply the product (if you can). We want to see how it looks and how you use it (before and after videos are an added bonus)! If you love the product, imagine you are selling it, what would you want to tell us about it or show us about it?
  2. All takes must be tagged to a beauty product. We are a community of beauty lovers who want to learn more about beauty and share our knowledge, tips and tricks. Please make sure your product matches the product you tagged.
  3. Please keep your takes over 15 seconds and under 180 seconds. Just enough time to share your favourite bits about the product!
  4. AGORA is a video only platform this means all takes uploaded must be videos. No photo collages or boomerangs please.
  5. Make sure you have great lighting and clear audio - we want to hear and see what you have to say! Our most successful takes are spoken or have text overlay so everyone can learn about the product.
  6. Finally, use hashtags in your descriptions so we can feature you in our categories!

We’ve created these guidelines so you can get the best out of AGORA. Share your knowledge and learn something new while you do!